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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Blacksmith Detailing provides professional car detailing and ceramic coating services. Cameron Moss founded the business in 2021 with over 5 years of detailing and fabrication experience. We treat every vehicle as if it were our own. We are located in Chattanooga TN and provide mobile service to Chattanooga and the surrounding area using our fully equipped Detailing Truck. You don't even need to provide water or electricity. All of our Ceramic Coatings/ Paint Corrections/ and Large Details are performed at our Detailing shop in Hixon TN. 


Our Story

My name is Cameron Moss, I started out in a small town outside of Colorado Springs where I learned how to work with my hands in my father's garage. When I began driving, I found a passion for taking good cars and making them better. It was only a matter of time before I took apart my first jeep and turned it into an off-road machine. After high school, I went to trade school to become a welder. Here, I won the state Skills USA welding competition in 2018 and got offered a position in St. Louis building and maintaining a collection of exotic and classic vehicles for multi-Billionaire clients. I worked there for 3 years where I built and detailed hundreds of cars, several of which cars were from SEMA and Barret Jackson as well as many other car shows and auctions. 

In 2020, during a global pandemic, my girlfriend, Kaila of 3 years, and I had both reached our limits and came to the realization that we weren't getting any younger. We sold our apartment in St. Louis, sold many of our belongings, and got a one-way ticket to Guatemala, despite the very real concern from our family and friends. We traveled from Guatemala to Costa Rica and back up to Mexico City. Those were the best months of my life, we met some of the kindest people you could imagine, people who have never had a single dollar to their name. A realization dawned upon me that there is little correlation between money and happiness, in fact, I seemed to be happier with less of it. 

When we returned from our trip (that was cut short by COVID), we had little idea where we were going to go or what we wanted to do but we knew that we couldn't be happy chasing money. My goals became to help other people and improve somebody's life every single day. What better way to do that than to start a business in something you're really good at? Kaila and I stumbled upon Chattanooga and immediately fell in love with the people, the culture, the atmosphere, and the mountains. We rented a house, began doing what we loved, and the mission remains the same, every single day. We strive to improve the life of every single customer by going above and beyond with our work. We never charge for more than what we need, and we never cut corners to save time because at the end of the day, if our customers aren't ecstatic with our work, then we have failed the mission.

My personal phone number is (719)290-7493. Please text or call with any questions, even if it doesn't have anything to do with the business! Thank you.

4359 Kayla Cir. 
Chattanooga TN 37406

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