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After years of detailing exotic and classic cars with highly delicate materials, you learn what works and what does not. Whether you need pet hair removal, stain removal, paint corrections, ceramic coatings, or anything in between, Blacksmith is your answer. We have prepared cars for world renowned car shows and auctions such as Barret Jackson and SEMA so there is no question the job will be done right. We offer mobile and in house detailing packages that fit a wide range of budgets.


Vinyl wrapping is a daunting task. Many shops choose to take shortcuts on edges, seams, and paint prep. All of these things diminish the longevity of the vinyl and ultimately cause them to be a poor investment when done poorly. Here at Blacksmith, we go above and beyond by double prepping every surface and ensuring that our edges and corners are sealed, the same goes for our PPF. If you want something done the right way,  Blacksmith is your only choice..

If you are looking for fabrication done right, look no further. Welding is our specialty. We take extraordinary care with our fabrication by going above and beyond in our prep and weld Quality. We are experts in the field and can not only weld exotic materials to perfection but also engineer individual parts to perfection. 

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