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Appliance coatings can be applied to glass, granite, stainless steel, tile, along with many other surfaces. Appliance coating makes cleanup a breeze while enhancing the shine of the surface it is applied to. 

Stain Protection

Appliance coatings provide a layer of protection against stains from acidic substances. Appliance coatings prevent stains on the surfaces it is applied to.

Water Spot Prevention

Water spots on the shower glass? Our glass coating makes water slide off effortlessly, preventing annoying hard water spots and keeping your glass perfectly transparent.

Enhanced Shine

Appliance coatings dramatically improve the depth of shine of the surfaces it is applied to.

Scratch Prevention

Appliance coatings are extremely hard, much harder than most appliance surfaces, providing scratch resistance and maintaining shine.

Easy Cleanup

The hydrophobic nature of appliance coatings allows for spills and stains to be cleaned up much more easily. 

Years of Protection

Our appliance coatings are rated for up to 7 years of protection, meaning that you can rest easy for years to come knowing that your appliances are protected properly.


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